Linx Selby

Pueblo Mágico is a documentary about life in the heart of the US/Mexico Borderlands told through the voices of three local, Chicana women and the community that raised them. This film is a love letter from the director to her hometown. 

Director Linx Selby grew up in the town of Patagonia, Arizona, 9 miles north of the US/Mexico border (a 15 minute drive away from the twin border cities, Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora). In April 2017, she moved together with Sage Jubelius (Producer), Veronica Aronova (Co-Producer and Art Director), Hugo Vera Valenzuela (Production Manager), and Negar Nakhai (Chief Cinematographer) to the Sonoran Desert to capture the lived experience of the borderlands. Pueblo Mágico is a celebration of a contemporary mixed border culture that emerges through ongoing exchanges with people from both sides of the line. 
This story is set in the summer of 2017. In many ways, it is the classic tale: in a small town, school’s out and the heat sets in. But this setting is special. In the media, the U.S./Mexico border zone is treated as the playground for testing out the public’s intuitive response to a generated fear. The fear of the loss of American identity. Little do most people realize that the border wall already exists. Since 2006, the city of Nogales has been divided by a 20-foot fence. Neither is border patrol surveillance limited to the border crossing itself. Living within 100 miles of the border means going through checkpoints in the interior of the US on a daily basis. However, this border is crossed daily by workers, family members and shoppers alike, from both sides. It is within this context that I explore ways in which the two sides mingle and clash. We offer an alternative to this notion of a dangerous border, one told from my unique perspective as a native of this town. By getting to know the townspeople of Patagonia through this personal account of growing up amidst the wonderful duality of the borderlands, you will discover that the border, as it is, does not threaten the “American dream,” but enriches it.

Welcome to the heart of the American Southwest, shown through the eyes of three, local, Chicana women, a demographic rarely given voice across popular platforms. Together, we envision the future of the borderlands. 

Previously known as Devil's Claw Documentary, read more about our process here on our Indiegogo campaign.

This project is ongoing and is currently in post-production. Keep track of updates by following our instagram.

We are formally affiliated with Borderlands Restoration Network. 

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